Total Unwind Luxury Massage Oil from Abluo 100ml

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Total Unwind Luxury Massage Oil

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Product Description

Let your troubles float away with this soothing blend of essential oils. Infused with stress relieving properties, this wonderfully relaxing massage oil is the ideal tonic to a stressful day. The careful blend of essential oils makes this treatment especially effective when calming and relaxing your body, leaving you with a sense of wellbeing and peace. All of our massage oils provide a wonderful massage glide and are rich in ingredients for nourishing, conditioning and moisturising the skin. Total Unwind massage oil is made from natural ingredients reputed to encourage physical calm, promote spiritual tranquillity, improve flexibility and range of motion in joints, improve circulation, increase the suppleness and elasticity of your muscles, help relax tight, tense muscles and aid a restful sleep.

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