Parisian Whisper Hand Lotion 30ml

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Hand Lotion

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Product Description

Indulge yourself with this luxurious hand lotion to give your skin that fabulous silky smooth feel. A great quality lotion from Winter in Venice in an ultra handy sized jar. With 30ml there’s enough for numerous applications but it’s also small enough to pop into a bag or pocket and use on the go. It’s also contained in a quality but lightweight plastic jar making it a lot more practical than larger glass sizes. The juicy and fruity extracts of orange blossom not only smell wonderful but nourish skin leaving you delicately cleansed, refreshed and feeling beautiful, an unforgettable experience of pure indulgence and absolute bliss.

The name Winter in Venice comes from a young British entrepreneur’s journey to Venice in the winter of 2005 on a soul-searching mission. She wanted to get to a place in her mind where she would be inspired emotionally and she found this in Venice where she had the inspiration to create a range of pamper gifts unlike any other. A few years on, and Winter in Venice has created a different, unusual, unique and truly gorgeous range of gifts and luxury natural toiletries. We find that people tend to think that quality costs more. Whilst this may be true in some cases, Winter in Venice believe that there is a lot more to this industry than making enormous profits and have developed a luxurious range of products with a realistic price tag. We decided to sell their products as they are a company that love what they do and we know you will too.