Natural Psoriasis Cream Maximum Strength

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Natural Psoriasis Cream Maximum Strength

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Product Description

Developed for people suffering from psoriasis, a very common skin disease that generally appears as patches of raised red skin covered by a flaky white build-up most common on the elbows and scalp. This skin condition can cause intense itching and burning, resulting in extreme irritation and painful rashes. We believe that our Natural Psoriasis Cream provides an extremely powerful and intense natural psoriasis treatment and amazing results have been reported by users of this product. Our psoriasis cream prvides a wonderful natural alternative psoriasis treatment that we believe will help reduce all the symptoms associated with this condition. Avena Psoriasis Cream contains: lavender and bergamot, which provide soothing skin relief; sandalwood, which quietens the skin condition; sweet almond oil which helps naturally moisturise the condition and sunflower which helps relieve itching, soreness and dryness. Psoriasis cream layers your skin with an extremely soothing treatment that typically results in very positive improvements after only 3-5 days of use. The rich cream then also moisturises, rapidly encouraging the skin back to excellent health.

Key benefits: this product may relieve painful itching, soothe inflamed skin, restore tender skin rashes, provide a natural psoriasis treatment, heal cracked skin and radically improve skin tone and condition.

Usage: apply a small amount four times per day, massaging well into the skin or scalp. This specially formulated cream may help to clear red, patchy and flaky skin. It can be used on the scalp with wonderful results.

Customer Testimonials

“Dear Sir – Thank you for your recent delivery of P.S.O. Cream. It is the only product we have used that really does work and make a difference. Both my wife and myself suffer from psoriasis and this is our third jar now. Thank you once again.”

J. Hendrie, S. Yorkshire.

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