Dragonfly Green Wind Spinner Large

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Dragonfly Green Wind Spinner Large

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Product Description

This fantastic wind spinner is laser-cut in a delicate dragonfly shape, handcrafted using only the best, durable and enamel powder coated stainless steel so it will never tarnish or rust and is UV protected to maintain the colour longer. This wonderful dragonfly wind spinner is suspended on a hook with a free rotating joint, allowing it to dance in the slightest of breezes. This quality, lightweight wind spinner comes flat packed and the steel circles can be opened up for the mesmerising effect as each time the wind blows our fabulous wind spinner is there to greet it to swirl and dance, taking your spirit for a joyful ride. This excellent spinner is an elegant decoration for any garden, patio, balcony or courtyard hung on a branch of tree or hook etc. This wonderful wind spinner measures 30cm in diameter. Maintaining your mobile is simple, it only requires an occasional light wash with rust proof window or stainless steel cleanser. This super wind spinner comes with a hole at the bottom enabling you to hook another wind spinners or even a spiral tail to it for an even more mesmerising effect.

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