Active Life Ointment 120ml


Active Life Ointment 120ml

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Our Active life ointment is an extraordinary flagship product, which has been believed to provide natural pain relief for arthritic like symptoms. The unique formula was developed after several years experimentation, with benefits being refined and enhanced throughout hundreds of individual tests. Active Life Ointment is a completely natural product that provides special herbal nourishment to joints, bones, muscles and the skin, possibly enabling better flexibility and mobility. Whilst there are still no known cures for arthritis, many of our customers have discovered that using Active Life, either in isolation or in coordination with their other treatments, could be a genuine natural pain relief for their arthritis. At the heart of the ointment is a nutrient-rich fusion of three herbs, seven pure essential oils and eleven herbal extracts. Active Life provides natural arthritis pain relief primarily through the use of arnica, comfrey, ginger, juniper berry, lanolin, lavender, rosemary, St John’s Wort, sunflower, sweet almond infused oil, thyme, yarrow and ylang ylang. This powerful cocktail is then gestated through a highly secret four month fermentation process. The result is a phenomenal ointment that we believe is useful for treating arthritic pain, in particular when dealing with psoriasis arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation of joints, joint pain, swelling, fibromyalgia and rheumatism.

The key to proper application of Active Life is to massage a small quantity of the ointment into the problem area up to four times per day, reducing this to once per day as the pain reduces and mobility increases. Typically, significant results are noticeable after less than three weeks of use: evidence of which is corroborated by numerous testimonials. Active Life Ointment may speed healing, increase flexibility, facilitate mobility and help relieve damaged cartilage. This product may: provide pain relief and healing for a wide range of ailments and conditions; improve flexibility and mobility; provide natural arthritis pain relief; reduce muscle spasms and cramping; help regenerate damaged cartilage and help to relieve most types of arthritic pain.

Customer Testimonial:

“I started using Active Life Ointment about three months ago. Within three weeks the residual pain had totally disappeared and soon after I stopped using my walking stick. For the first time in years I am now able to descend the stairs facing forwards rather than backwards. But more importantly I have now stopped taking prescribed painkillers. I can now sleep without a pillow between my knees and the everlasting constipation, caused by the prescribed drugs has gone completely. At the age of 68 and after years of severe pain, sleep loss and physical restrictions caused by severe arthritis, I have more freedom and mobility than I believed possible. With sincere thanks.”

B. Rawling Churwell, Leeds.


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